The English Pointer:
Majestic, elegant, graceful. Both the gentleman's shooting dog and many hard core bird hunters' choice. When toughness is needed (like Texas) no other breed even compares. When flash and style is desired, again the English Pointer rules the game (although a nice setter can be right there too). When a long range nose is the key, the cannons of the well bred English Pointer have the edge (I'm talking breed standard on this one. Sure, other breeds can have individuals with incredible noses. I'm not trying to start any arguments here). Personally, I'm a fan of several breeds and respect all of them for their specific attributes that they excel at.

When we first got into pointers we were like kids in a candy store. There are so many bloodlines, each having different strengths and weaknesses. We decided to buy several of a bunch of different bloodlines and combine our experiences with each with what we could glean from others experiences. In doing so, we have picked out the bloodlines that best suit our hunting needs and the type of dog that we enjoy training. Like many (and unlike many) one of the bloodlines we have chosen are Elhew lines. The personable, affectionate nature of these lines along with their great bidability and classic looks make them a great line of dogs. We have also chose to breed on the Honky Tonk Attitude genetics. These genetics are a much tougher,forgiving line with huge noses. Being Fiddler based they combine very well with Elhew bloodlines. My personal favorite is the Crow's Little Joe bloodline. Nothing else even comes close for the production of natural bird finding machines for the foot hunter. They are born to point, back and retrieve naturally.

Of course, all bloodlines have their weaknesses too. Take Elhew for example. Sometimes short on nose and short on toughness. Honky Tonk, definitely not the best natural retrievers. Crow's Little Joe, not many flaws in the field but can have a goofy kennel habit or 2 in rare cases. With that in mind (and much more that there is not room for here) these are the lines we have chosen along with a couple of other females that I just can't bear to part with.

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CROW'S LITTLE JOE FEMALES                   



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